My Self-Care Fairy Tale serves women who want to carve out some ‘me time’ every single day to feel beautiful and guilt-free!

Explore the power of self-care that combines outer work with inner work: when you involve your body, your heart, and your mind at the same time, magic happens, it is as simple as that!
No one-size fits all approach! No quick fixes here either! You are unique, and you deserve the opportunity to find out which ingredients will help you to write your own self-care fairytale.

I am here to guide you through different paths, all that have been a tremendous help for me : coaching, self-massaging the face with hands or with a beauty tool such as gua-sha, or managing feelings with acupressure based on the 5 elements of the 5 Traditional Chinese Medicine seasons and combined with essential oils.

Experience the transformative potential of the daily habit of self-care. I am talking about self-care in an inside-out kind of way. A doable ritual, to add to your life.

Once you try and enjoy these techniques, you won’t be able to imagine your life without them. This is how you’ll know you’ve found that “once upon a time” routine that’s just right for you.



Choose Your Self-Care Path

Self-Care in & OUT: THE BODY

Feel better and look better by connecting your face and your emotions.

It is an opportunity to write the first lines of your self-care fairytale.

Prioritze yourself, by committing to a 1:1 appointment or joining a group of women sharing a similar goal.

  • 1:1 Face Yoga consultation
  • 1:1 Face Gua-Sha consultation
  • Workshop



Make your everyday life sparkle with self-care along with one particular season, Follow your heart with the season that feels right to you, in order to write a transformative chapter of your self-care fairytale.

My master program Once Upon My Time is a unique combination of coaching and face yoga/face gua-sha rituals.




Self-Care IN & out: THE MIND

Explore your inner magical powers, thanks to the 1:1 coaching cycle.
There are solutions at the tips of your fingers, you are just a few questions away from finding them.
Let me guide you through what could be the turning point of your self-care fairytale.

  • Self-Care coaching cycle.
  • Self-Care coaching cycle with acupressure and essential oils.



I am Anne-Caroline, Certified Coach and a Face Yoga / Face Gua-Sha Instructor based in San Francisco.


I am Anne-Caroline, I am passionate about self-care. I dedicate my work to empower women to write their own fairy tale with themselves.

How? I serve women with the help of coaching and co-creating a daily ritual including massaging the face and stimulating acupressure points. So you attune to yourself every single day, from inside out to embrace the easy magic of self-care!


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Client success stories

Anne-Caroline leads her sessions with enthusiasm, accurate explanations and kindness. She provides a true everyday set of tools to take care of myself. I feel both rested and empowered.


Anne-Caroline is a rare find in the realm of self-care. She truly embodies what she teaches. Not only does she emanate the natural beauty and inner glow that her work promotes, but she brings an infectious joy and lightness to what she does. Her self-care coaching is full of ancient wisdom delivered with simplicity, directness and love. She’s shown me the healing power of my own fingers and hands, using gentle movements on my face and body along with natural oils, floral waters and tools for gua-sha. I’ve had challenges with my skin for much of my life, and understand the importance of working the inner territory alongside the external. Anne-Caroline marries the inner and outer exquisitely! I recommend her highly!


It was such an honor for me as well as a great blessing to meet Anne-Caroline! I had my first facial yoga session. From the moment I contact Anne-Caroline, step into her safe and welcoming home space, she has made me feel like I am the most special person in the world. She is 100% present and caring. She baked me a very special healthy cake just for me. She made French herbal tea. Then we started our coaching session and self-care facial yoga. I felt like a VIP customer every second of our time together! After the session, by the time I got home, I received her video which she made especially for me so I could do facial yoga at home everyday by following her instructions on the video. The whole experience was so wonderful! She has brought warmth and smiles to my heart and reminded me of self love and self care for my skin. She is an amazing person! This is my first time meeting someone like Anne-Caroline with such a professionalism and superb quality of coaching.


I practice the custom-made routine by Anne-Caroline every evening, and I must say that the results was unexpectedly quick! Brighter complexion, no more jaw tension and above all better quality sleep!
It’s a wonderful discovery that I cannot live without anymore.
I highly recommend this way of taking care of yourself and your mind.


Ready to make a change in your life ?

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